Social Responsibility

actions implemented

Environmental Commitment

We are committed to contributing to a healthier planet.
Find out about initiatives Prirev have implemented to protect our planet.


Reusing demineralised water.

Recovery system for currently water.

Solar Panels

A system of solar panels has been installed to produce of electric energy.

Thermal solar panels

Water heating system for DHW (domestic hot water) and industrial processes.

Residue Management

Appropriate treatment of residues generated in the production process.

Reduced paper usage

Implementation of electronic invoicing.

Transition of internal records to digital, reducing paper consumption considerably.

Charging of electric vehicles

Car park to charge electric vehicles.

Prirev in the Community

We strive to support projects that promote social development.

Prirev supports education

Prirev supports education

Partnership with educational institutions to host curricular internships.

Prirev supports education

Merit Award for the Integrated Masters in Physical Engineering, awarded annually to the student with best average for admission to the course.

Prirev supports national sport


Prirev supports social events