Quality & RDI

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Quality and Innovation are the key words in our company and the pillars of our growth, which has always been based on these principles. The implementation of quality policies, together with a meticulous choice of employees and partners, enables us to satisfy our customers.


Several quality control procedures are in place during our production processes to guarantee the success of our service. Before getting to work on the articles, an inspection is carried out given that the quality of the articles has a direct influence on the final result of our coatings. We believe it is essential to control quality in the various phases of the process to minimise faults. 

Our coatings are certified by competent entities and controlled internally to meet standards.

1. Ensuring Overall Satisfaction
Guarantee the satisfaction of our customers, employees, suppliers and other relevant stakeholders by exceeding their expectations wherever possible;

2. Ensure the Company’s Competitiveness
Ensure the competitiveness of the company through innovation and development of products and services;

3. Partnership Relationships
Promote long-lasting partnership relationships with our customers and suppliers and other stakeholders;

4. Legal, Product and Other Requirements
Guarantee compliance with the product needs, legal requirements and other factors for all our products and services;

5. Training and Skills 
Promote the professional qualification of all employees;

6. Continuous Improvement
Guarantee the best performance of our processes, as well as encouraging overall continuous improvement;

7. Research and Development
Promote innovation in processes and products, establishing partnerships with entities from SCTN (Sistema Científico e Tecnológico Nacional), to create advanced surface solutions with consistent added value, quality and performance.

· Measurement of the colour coordinates (Lab) using Spectrophotometry;
· Ball test – Resistance to abrasion and adhesion;
· Linear abrasion test – Resistance to abrasion;
· Kalotest and optical profilometry – Control of thickness;
· Salt Spray test – Resistance to corrosion;
· Resistance to washing – Washing and ultrasound machine;
· Thermal shock test.

· Utilisation of equipment and control methods that are suitable for the different applications;
· In-person monitoring of all the activities;
· Individual control and inspection of the coated products;
· Adoption of internal control and assessment procedures for the activities that guarantee the satisfaction of customer requirements;
· Holding of internal tests to guarantee the quality of the coatings;

· Certification NP EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, by SGS;
· Food compatibility certification, Food Contact Safe, by SGS;
· Antibacterial Certification ISO 22196:2011 08, certified by the Hohenstein lab;
· Antiviral Certification ISO 21702 , attested by the international lab Virology Research Services;
· Corrosion resistance, according to EN ISO 9227 standard;
· Chemical resistance, according to NP EN 12875-1 standard;
· Resistance against chemical agents, according to NP EN 13310 standard.


Research, Development and Innovation is at the heart of our company, whereby we invest in innovative production processes, always with stringent quality control.

Our RDI department comprises highly specialised staff in Material Engineering, Physical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, we have in-depth knowhow in the field of PVD coatings that allows us to develop customised solutions.

The customer’s need is what we base our development efforts on. We are alert to the characteristics and criteria of each customer to develop suitable solutions to meet their demands. Each development is monitored individually during the entire validation process until integrating the productive plan with mass production.

To validate our coatings we carry out a battery of tests that allow us to guarantee the quality of the coatings. Furthermore, we work in partnership with certified external laboratories to complement results, and whenever the customer wishes, we test the coating applied to its articles.

Our goals are to supply high-quality coatings recognised by the customer as such, perfect our processes and invest in innovation and development of new products at a competitive price.