Prirev has eco-friendly coatings, 100% compatible with the food industry.
Prirev has developed an antibacterial and antiviral coating that can kill 99 percent of bacteria and viruses, including the Sars-CoV-2 virus.
Antibacterial PVD
Accessories and decoration
Creativity has no limits. Prirev provides you with a wide range of coatings to customise your articles.
Sports accessories
A unique style combined with unmatched quality.
20 years of Prirev

20 years of Prirev

Operating in the coatings surfaces market for over 20 years, we are Portugal’s leading PVD supplier!

Initially focused on functional coatings, over the years we have forged a new path in the PVD coatings sector, namely decorative PVD. This is currently our biggest business area.

The versatility and quality of our coatings make our company one of the main PVD suppliers in Europe. With our quality and efficiency internationally acknowledged, we add value to our customers’ articles, lending them that leading edge needed to bring success. 

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Environmental Commitment

In carrying out our business, we commit ourselves to sticking to an environmentally responsible approach by implementing eco-friendly processes.


Our supply

Functional PVD

This coat enhances surface finish, increases the endurance and lifespan of a product, and avoids losses and consequent faults. It reduces seizure, leading to better cadences and less stoppage time of the equipment.



Combination of a highly ionised layer of PVD and an intermetallic lubricant with an exceptionally low friction coefficient (WS2).

Decorative PVD

Highly adherent fine ceramic coat. Its application endows the article with greater endurance and durability, increasing the lifespan of the product.

The main goal of Decorative PVD is to add colour, increasing the value of a given product


A dry lubricating film that molecularly sticks to any metal surface and most polymers with just 0.5 µm thickness.


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Calendar PRIREV 2024


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